We helped build this industry; let us help build your programs and businesses

APX Environmental Markets is proud to have worked side by side with our clients in giving birth to many of
the critical environmental markets in existence today.

  • We have been an integral part of every US REC market since their initial inception in California in the late nineties.
  • We launched the world’s first Renewable Energy Credit Registry in 2001 in support of the Texas Renewable Energy Credit Trading Program.
  • Since then, we have built seven additional REC registries supporting every renewable energy market and compliance program in the United States (see map).
  • In 2008 we developed the first voluntary carbon registry infrastructure and today we support the major US and international voluntary carbon credit programs, including the first Offset Project Registries approved by the California Air Resources Board.
  • Our unique Software-as-a-Service solutions coupled with our team’s vast background serves as the bedrock of the majority of renewable energy and carbon credit programs in existence today.

Pioneers and Innovators

1st to launch a renewable energy credit (REC) registry.

1st to implement a national framework for inter-registry transfers of RECs supporting renewable markets in North Carolina, Missouri, Illinois and Michigan.

1st to launch the Environmental Management Account – the first multi-market environmental asset viewer and transaction manager covering all REC and major carbon markets.

1st Software-as-a-Service solution for environmental markets.

1st and ONLY to power offset project registries approved by the California Air Resources Board.

APX Innovation

In response to the constant evolution of environmental markets the APX Environmental Team develops innovative solutions and service offerings. For the latest example, please review our Distributed Generation Toolkit for REC Registries.

APX Core Values

At APX, everything we do is shaped by our core values. These values guide our everyday business relationships as well as our interaction with clients and colleagues.

These core values reflect:

      • Customer first
      • Integrity
      • Professionalism
      • Innovation
      • Teamwork

Code of Conduct

APX conducts its business with the highest standards of conduct. Each employee must sign at hire, and re-certify annually, their understanding of our written Code of Conduct as a prerequisite of employment. We believe that governance guided by a sound code of conduct improves the quality our relationship with each employee, associate, and client.