MIRECS Public Reports

The Michigan Renewable Energy Certification System strikes a balance between respecting the privacy of certain account holders and providing the public with complete Registry transparency. As a result, MIRECS provides a number of publicly accessible reports that provide comprehensive information about the renewable projects without requiring account holders to disclose their presence or their credit inventory.

Account Holders – This report contains a listing of all Account Holders with some limited contact information.

MIRECS Projects – This report contains a listing of all projects in MIRECS with eligibility information.

Import Projects – This report contains a listing of all Import projects certified in MIRECS.

Bulletin Board – Forum to view available credits for transfer.

MIRECS Ratio Report – This report lists the ratio of MIRECS RECs (IRECS or RECS) issued for each MWh of generation from the facility by month.

MIRECS Annual Report 

The MIRECS Annual Reports provide updates on the current MIRECS operations and trends over the course of each year.